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Estadio Ciudad de la Plata

La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium-1
La Plata Stadium-2
La Plata Stadium-3
La Plata Stadium-4
La Plata Stadium-5
La Plata Stadium is the first PTFE-covered stadium in South America, which has a Birdair cable structure and fabric roofing system.
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fabric Type: 
PTFE Fiberglass
Market Sector: 
Stadiums & Arenas
Project Size: 
312,545 sq.ft.
Roberto Ferreira
City of La Plata
Weidlinger and Associates, New York, New York
General Contractor: 
Astillero Rio Santiago
Completion Date: 

Birdair served as roofing subcontractor for the 53,000-seat capacity stadium, which features 312,545 square feet of tensile roof utilizing Birdair’s steel cable systems and PTFE, a Teflon®-coated woven fiberglass membrane.

Frequently host to soccer and cultural events, La Plata Stadium features a unique distinctive twin-peaked fabric dome roof. To accommodate the unconventional geometry of the stadium, the main roof structure was formed by tensioned steel cable hoops at three different levels, together with vertical columns, diagonal cables, and ridge cables.

Unlike other tensile roof systems, the stability of La Plata stadium roof’s cable structure does not depend on the PTFE panels covering it. La Plata’s prestressed tensegrity design resists global distortion using tension. Consequently, the deck roof is extremely stiff, in a similar way that a drum skin is stiffened.

Construction Photos

La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium
La Plata Stadium