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Tensile Architecture for Facades


Fabric membrane materials are an ideal solution for cladding facades, either on large structures like stadiums using the same technology as tensile fabric canopies, or, with ETFE cushion or single layer.

A membrane mesh building facade application.

However, a recent trend is the use of simple, economic and optimized framing systems that allow for the refurbishment of all different kinds of facades, quickly and easily. The frames are prefabricated to the necessary size and do not need any special support structures. They are hung from the facade with an attachment, such as concrete slabs or steel columns.

A colored membrane facade building application The number of interchangeable frames can also be customized according to the needs of each individual project. Because the fabric material is available in several colors, nearly any design is possible. A silver-colored mesh fabric is typically specified for a similar aesthetic to aluminum panels, with greater transparency. Size and layout of frames is open. A highly sustainable building material for façade cladding applications, tensile fabric structures maximize daylight while minimizing solar heat gain and transportation- and fabrication-related waste.

SpecificationsETFE Film